Lets think herbs….lets do it!!

I have been wondering recently if people know and realise that they need to take charge of their health. We feel so strongly about many issues in the world and feel responsible to change the situation and many times take drastic actions to do it ourselves. We do so much research into what we want to wear, where we want to go for holiday, what we want to choose for our career. We will never leave it to someone else to do it for us. Then how come so many of us are so casual about our health.

I believe HEALTH is the only thing which is ours, nobody can give us health. We are granted with health and only and only us can improve it or make it worse. And money cannot buy us health. Money can buy us the best food, fruit, supplements but we cannot go and buy health. We have to maintain our health fairly optimal at most of the times to be always healthy.

And many of us might be thinking that doctors make us healthy, or drugs or pills can make us healthy………how mistaken such people are!! Drugs or pills can only take away the discomfort, even if that, but they certainly cannot make us healthy……….so who can make us healthy?………..ONLY we can make and keep ourselves healthy!!

We certainly need help to keep ourselves healthy and nothing better than natural renewable resources such as herbs. Herbs in daily use as food/salad for nutrition and maintaining optimal health, and herbs as medicine when there is disease. There are innumerable ways of using herbs as food and medicine for internal and external use.

The best thing out of many other advantages of using herbs is the fact that we have used herbs for millions of years and our bodies know them very well. The side effects or contra-indications of herbs are minimal. Herbs work with the rhythm of our bodies from within our bodies and the results are longer lasting

I believe we need to retrain our mind. Everytime we are ill and want to reach out for a pill…..we need to pause for a moment and think about herbs. Lets think herbs……….lets do it!!



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