Herbal Medicine Awareness Week 18-26th June

Dear Herbal Freinds

In UK National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) organises a Herbal Medicine Awareness Week (HMAW) every year. Medical Herbalists around the country arrange various activities in their local areas, which anyone interested can attend. HMAW is generally a week to ten days long during one of the summer months so that outdoor activities can be organised easily. Herbalists choose one or more  days to carry out the activities they choose.

I have organised 21June to be my day for the awareness of herbal medicine. I am based in Chigwell/Woodford and anyone in these or adjoining areas are most welcome to attend the day. There will be a presentation on the day giving brief overview of history of herbal medicine, scope of herbal medicine treatment and what does it mean to have a herbal medicine consultation.

There is going to be a blind tea-tasting session on the day also. Those who are attending will be given a tea sample to drink and then various findings will be recorded and discussed. This is going to be a fun session and people will realise how true are our feelings  and intuitions when we really pay attention to them.

Also, everyone will have a chance to ask a question directly to me as a Medical Herbalist. They will be able to ask some advice regarding their health and will be able to read more from the herbal books available on the day to browse.

I wish all the Herbalists around the country best of luck in their efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of herbal medicine.

See you on 21Junin chigwell.

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