Ayurveda-Compulsory Medicine

                                                       Dear Ayurveda Enthusiasts

Last week I met a gentleman at a networking meeting who was giving advice about writing company policies. And when I said I practice Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda, he had a smile on his face. He said that he has been giving advice for so many years to various companies about how to write company policies AND he has never come across a Herbalist………HOW INCREDIBLE..!! He said to me that I come under complementary medicine to which I responded that it should be called COMPULSORY medicine. And since then I have been thinking why not?                        

Why dont we make complemetary or alternative medicines COMPULSORY for everyone? Not just for patients but essential for everyone including healthy people of the society. What would be the best way to do it? May be teaching Traditional Medicine in schools and colleges? So that from an early age we learn the principles of our Traditional Medicines. We talk about healthy diet and nutrition in schools for kids at a very young age. Then why can’t we talk about natural ways to health? and why is it not included in our curriculum.

Schools are a place where younger generation is shaping its belief system about everything in their lives including the health system. AND if we teach these prinicples earlier on we will not have a dichotomous health belief system later on in life. Also, it will help us to truly generate a holistic society where there will be one HEALTHCARE system to keep everyone HEALTHY!

with warm Ayurvedic greetings                                                                  

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