Reflection on Ayurveda Open Day

Dear Ayurveda Enthusiasts

What a GREAT day was Ayurveda Open Day!! It was so heart warming to see such a huge response towards Ayurveda. Lots of people booked their space for the Presentation and for the taster Ayurvedic Therapy sessions. I recieved requests for bookings on the day as well as a few days after the Event. A few people have asked if there is going to be another one soon.

Our Presentation went very well too and lot of attendees asked questions about Ayurveda. Zane and I wanted to have a screen to do a power-point presentation but we couldn’t manage it this time. I talked about the principles of Ayurveda during the Presentation whereas Zane focussed on Ayurvedic Therapies. 

Zane and I didn’t even get any chance to raise our heads up. I consulted a number of people and it was great to disperse information about Ayurveda. Most of the people were keenly interested to listen to every single word I said during the consultations. Some people wanted me to prescribe medicine on the day, which I explained to them was difficult because of the subjective nature of Ayurveda. All those people were advised to see their local Ayurvedic Practitioner whenever they were ready to do so.

Ayurveda Open Day has confirmed my belief that people want to use natural medicine to treat their aliments and to preserve their health. Moreover it has shown me the amount of interest people have in Ayurveda and similar paradigms. I believe now that we need to have similar regular Open Days throughout the country to raise the profile of Ayurvedic Consultants in UK and to raise awareness about Ayurveda.

with warm Ayurvedic wishes

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