Ayurveda Open Day-15Mar

Ayurveda Open Day -15 Mar

Dear Ayurveda Enthusiasts

I am writing to invite public and professionals to first Ayurveda Open Day in UK. This is a free event for all and is organised by AYUVA and SHAKTI AYURVEDA (www.shree-shakti.com) in association with Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA) (www.apa.uk.com). This is a good oppurtunity for anyone seeking non-allopathic / Complementary / Alternative answers to their health issues or health related queries.

You can get a taster session of Ayurvedic Therapies with Zane from Shakti Ayurveda. It will be good for people to book for these sessions to avoid any disappointment. As Ayurvedic medicine is unique and subjective to everyone its good to get a feel of these therapies before you want to spend money on these.

We are running this event like a trial event for future Ayurveda Open Days. We want to try and see what worked this time and what did not & if its a good idea to run this as a formal event every year from APA.

Also it gives a formal platform to practitioners to raise awareness about Ayurveda in the community. The more Practitioners do such events there will be more awareness about Ayurveda. On many occasions I have met people / professionals who have never heard of Ayurveda before. It shocks me at first, irritates me and saddens me about the ignorance of people to the oldest system of medicine in the world. Hence, its an effort to tell people about the benefits of Ayurveda in treating diseases as well as in preserving their health.

Please read all the relevant information on the link above. I would encourage everyone who is passionate about having a good HEALTH to promote it and pass it around to anyone they know.

with warm ayurveda greetings

warm Ayurvedic wishes

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